Books, Culture, Markets: Current projects
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Mapping and analyzing book markets and cultures internationally, for better understanding the actors as well as the driving forces are at the core of our ambition.

In that ambition, we produce widely referenced market reports, and help programming key professional events, for a better understanding of international trends, and opportunities to engage with the leading minds of the global book communities.

Our current projects include

With these initiatives, we look at trends, developments and dynamics at all relevant levels, be it in a bird’s eye view on entire markets and regions, or at companies and their profiles, or be it for a close up on individual authors, their books, as well as how all those layers, players and perspectives connect.

We look at the transformations as globalization and digital re-shape the ecosystem of books and reading, as these bring together business and creation, markets and culture, the tradition and digital innovation as well.

By analyzing international bestsellers and their authors for many years, we follow the evolution of the international book trade first hand, by the day.

To accomplish these ambitions, we tap into a unique network of partners, be they organizations or knowledgeable individuals.

Beijing Top 50 Summit 2016 a Huge Success
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The premier 2016 Global Top 50 Publishers' Summit on "Transformation & Globalisation: Re-imagining The Future of the Publishing Industry" was a huge success, and a novel blend of Chinese and Western approaches to discussing the current transformation of the book business.

Speakers included Markus Dohle (Penguin Random House), Gong Shuguang (China South Publishing), Alexander Broich (Cengage), Zhang Jiankang (Phoenix Publishing), Tong Jian (Zhengjiang Publishing) - all listed among the world's top 20 in the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2016 -, plus David Hetherington (Klopotek) and Wu Shulin (Publishers' Association of China).

Held for the first time in the wider context of the Beijing International Book Fair" (BIBF) on August 24, 2016, the Summit brought together an extraordinary line up of leading voices from the world's largest publishing companies, with an audience of over 200 book professionals, representing more than 60 Chinese publishing houses and 40 media.

The event was co-organized by Bookdao, Livres Hebdo and Content and Consulting.

The full agenda - and soon presentations and video documentation - are available at Bookdao.

See international media coverage at Publishers' Weekly, The Bookseller, Livres Hebdo and buchreport.

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The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry, which has been updated every year since 2007, currently represents 52 companies that each report revenues from publishing of over 150 m€ (or 200 m US$), plus another 5 who either have not released current financial data due to being acquired, or having fallen below the threshold due to currency effects.

The Global Ranking 2016, which is based predominantly on 2015 revenue data, lists (or is describing) a total of 57 publishing groups, as in 2014 and 2015, with a combined revenue of m€ 63,739 (up 8 % from 2014, and a staggering 22 % over 2013).

After years of relative stability, the reported results for 2014 and now even more dramatically for 2015 show a clear strengthening at the top, with the 10 largest groups accumulating revenues of €34.2bn (up 8 % from 2014, and up 17 % from 2013), and accounting now for 54% of the 50 largest groups described in this ranking, in a continuing increase since 2013.

The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry is an initiative of Livres Hebdo (France), who holds the copyright of the report. It is co-published by BookDao (China), The Bookseller (UK), buchreport (Germany), Publishers Weekly (USA) and PublishNews (Brazil). It has been researched by Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting. ©Livres Hebdo 2016.

Find comprehensive summaries, charts and tables as well as all details about the Global Ranking 2016 at the leading partner publications, Livres Hebdo, Publishers Weekly, The Bookseller and buchreport.

Summary for download below.

A debate on strategic developments in international publishing – including notably consolidation, digital transformation, and globalization -, presented by Livres Hebdo (France), with Bookdao (China), The Bookseller (United Kingdom), buchreport (Germany), PublishNews (Brazil), Publishers Weekly (USA), and the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club, featuring the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2016.

Wednesday October 19, 2016, from 14:00 to 15:00. Frankfurt Book Fair, Hall 4.2, Room Dimension, Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club.

Jacob Dalborg, Chief Executive Officer of Bonnier Books, will be the sole speaker at the Wednesday edition of this year’s Frankfurt CEO talk. The discussion will focus on Bonnier Books ambitions of being one of Europe's leading book publishing groups, in the areas where Bonnier Books act. Dalborg will be interviewed for 60 minutes by the editors of Livres Hebdo, Bookdao, The Bookseller, buchreport, PublishNews Brazil and Publishers Weekly, in the context of the 2016 Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry, in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club. The event will be moderated by Rüdiger Wischenbart. Topics of the interviews will include Bonnier Book's predominant market position in Sweden and most of Scandinavia, its international holdings, particularly in Germany and the United Kingdom, the impact of digital in these highly diverse market environments, as well as Bonnier Book's overall strategy.

Jacob Dalborg has previously worked in corporate finance at KPMG in Stockholm and London, but he has been with Bonnier since 2002, and has among other things been the CEO of Albert Bonniers Förlag and CEO of Bonnierförlagen. Jacob Dalborg is CEO of Bonnier Books and accordingly he is board chair of all of the companies within Bonnier Books; Adlibris Group, Bonnierförlagen AB, Pocketshop, Bonnier Media GmbH, Bonnier Publishing UK, Bonnier Books Finland and Cappelen Damm. He is also a member of the board of Bonniers Konsthall.

See Jacob Dalborg's key note address at Publishers' Forum 2015 in Berlin here.

On Thursday October 20, a further debates organized by the same partners, will highlight key trends in the publishing industry, with names being announced separately.
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About the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry
The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry, which has been updated every year since 2007, currently represents 56 companies that each report revenues from publishing of over 150 m€ (or 200 m US$). The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry is an initiative of Livres Hebdo, France, co-published by Bookdao (China), The Bookseller (UK), buchreport (Germany), Publishers Weekly (USA) and PublishNews Brazil. It has been researched by Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting.
© by Livres Hebdo 2016
The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2015 has been released today, June 26, 2015.

An initiative by Livres Hebdo, this annual snapshot of the global book business has been updated every year since 2007, and is co-published by Bookdao, China, The Bookseller, UK, buchreport, Germany, Publishers Weekly, USA, and PublishNews Brazil. It has been researched by Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting.

This ranking lists 57 book publishing corporations worldwide, with revenues each of over 150m€ (or 200 mUS$), since 2007.

With combined sales worth 53,328 m€, this Ranking portrays global book publishing in its transformation through digital, globalization and consolidation.

The 2015 edition highlights China's forceful entrance onto the world stage, with now 4 publishing groups listed, of which two are among the top 10.

The survey also allows to track recent mergers & acquisitions, as well as the performance of key segments of the industry, such as scientific and professional (STM), educational or general consumer (trade) publishing.

To purchase to full report, go here.

A summary of the 2015 findings (which are mostly based on 2014 financial results) can be downloaded from the bottom of this article.

The Publishers’ Forum in Berlin in April 2015 has brought together over 260 book professionals from Germany, the United Kingdom, the US, Sweden, Poland, Italy and a few more places, to debating “How to reconstruct publishing".

It was a lively two days, with topics ranging from finance – “Strategy & Money” – to cross media – “Publishing goes Pop” as illustrated in the picture featuring, from left to right, Michael Bhaskar (Canelo) , Lance Fensertman (ReedPop), Nathan Hull (Mofibo) and Andy Gall (Red Bull Media House - photographs by Adam Janisch).

A fair number of the sessions are available on video online, as are many of the presentations.

Media saw “a bold setup” in the conference (The Bookseller) as well as clear signals of optimism (“Am Ende der Angststarre”, in buchreport).

But as of now, preparations have already began for Publishers’ Forum 2016, which will be held on April 28 & 29. Save the date, and stay tuned at and on twitter at @PublishersForum !
How to Reconstruct Publishing:
Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.
With the transformation of the publishing industry in full swing, the goal of the 2015 edition of the Publishers’ Forum Berlin will be to identify exemplary perspectives and topics and illuminate the junction where strategic visions meet practical challenges and opportunities.
Due to the fragmentation of the market, the debate will necessarily revolve around multiple key topics and driving forces, not just a single, central issue. And yet we have to find practical angles to make the discussions meaningful, by showcasing how overall change impacts on decision-making processes in management.
The programs of the Publishers’ Forum 2015 will be grouped around the following lead topics:

  • Strategy & Money

  • IT goes center stage

  • Know your customer, and don't be afraid

  • Publishing goes Pop.

Find out about speakers and programmes here.