2013-06-24 14:04:22 by RW

The Global eBook report (since 2011) has become the standard reference for anyone interested in the evolution of digital in consumer (or general trade) publishing.

We follow and map the emerging ebook markets since their very beginnings.

Organizing - with Mike Shatzkin - the "Big Questions" conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2001, researching early ebook strategies across Europe in the early 2000s, exploring ebook reading habits with students at the University of Vienna around 2009 / 2010, or following the markets around the world as ebooks become both mainstream and global, has been at the focus of our professional interest for long.
Since spring 2002, comments and analysis under the headline "Virtualienmarkt" are a fixture at Perlentaucher, the online magazine in Berlin, Germany.

Topics include - and often had been mentioned here for earlier than elsewhere - Open Access, Google's library digitisation and the dispute on the Google Settlement, the early days of ebooks, piracy and the book market, or the globalisation in publishing.

The complete archive is freely accessible here.