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Snapshots from international book fairs
2014-12-13 19:55:12 by rw

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2016-08-03 21:18:30 by rw

Authors are center stage, in all their many differences: Dr. Ruth; Patty Smith talking to Neil Young; Friederike Mayröcker reading, with Alfred Kolleritsch and Urs Widmer listening; Jodi Picoult and others authographing; Junot Diaz explaining; Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian at home; Liu Cixing debating; Jonathan Franzen (with publisher Sonia Draga) partying; Jaron Lanier receiving the German Peace Prize; Tim Berners-Lee lecturing.

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New Delhi's Ansari Road is home to a significant cross section of India's dynamic, and most colorful, publishing industry. Within a few few blocks, local houses and Indian headquarters of leading international brands are dispersed, with street kitchen and book stores large and small in between.

Frankfurt Book Fair: The non-essentials
2016-12-29 18:48:59 by rw

Frankfurt is so much more than, ah, Frankfurt. They have a "Laughing Lane", monsters on a red carpet, obviously they have Wurst (sausage), and the Euro! And so often that drizzling rainy grey sky. For the complete guide of these 'non-essentials, click here.