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• The Global eBook report 2016 (for release in early April),
Publishers' Forum on April 28 & 29, in Berlin,
• The new Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry in June,
• A new Diversity Report, mapping flows of translation across Europe.

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It all started in January 2005: With a few projects related to the international evolution of the book business, with the intuition that publishing might change and become more international, and that exploring this trajectory, as it develops, might be meaningful.

10 1/2 years later, we have researched the 50 publishing corporation's for the 8th edition of the Global Ranking, published a Global eBook report, helped BookExpo America to be host of the Global Market Forum China in New York, and organized the Global Publishing Forum 2015 in Berlin. All that in the past 6 busy months.

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History - Projects, events, milestones
2015-06-26 15:29:39 by rw

Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting (RWCC)


As happens so often, this company had no clear date, or event, for a start. Instead, projects started to occur. Many other concepts for projects have been thought through, conceived, even proposed, yet did go nowhere in the end. It also took time to figure out what the company might be all about in the first place.

Founding clients included Ars Electronica, the media arts festival in Linz, Austria, by 2002/2003, Microsoft, who wanted to find out about "ebook strategies at European publishers" as early as 2003 (key finding: No such thing existed back then - but the research was fun, and brought meaningful contacts), as well as BookExpo America, who wanted advice on how to become relevant for international publishers by 2004).

The following account and project list is not at all complete. And most importantly, many projects are ongoing, for years and years, as is the interaction with a trusted network of colleagues and partners, which escapes, and transcends, every project catalogue, but forms clearly the backbone for everything that we do.

Our activities over the past decade included notably:

Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry (since 2007)

Global eBook report (since 2011)

Publishers Forum Berlin (since 2015)

Work is continuous with the publishing trade magazine network PubMagNet, which includes Bookdao (China), Bogmarkedet (Denmark), Book Industry Magazine (Russia), buchreport (Germany), Livres Hebdo (France), PublishNews (Brazil), (Spain), Svensk Boekblad Sweden), as well as the cooperation with partners and co-authors Ingrid Fischer (Austria), Nasser Jarrous (Lebanon), Veronika Licher (Germany), Miha Kovac (Slovenia), Vinutha Mallya (India), as well as Karl Fröschl who introduced us to understanding data, and Andrews Prasser who coined the phrase "Content and Consulting".

Current and former team members include Julia Coufal, Sabine Kaldonek, Wilfried Korber, Jennifer Krenn, Philip Minarik, Sabina Muriale, Boutros Resk, Christoph Schwarzl, Wolfgang Zwiauer.

Chronology 2005 - 2015

Jan 2005 Official start, by registering with the Chamber of Commerce in Wien, and getting a VAT ID number
April 2005 Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis, Weiz, Österreich
May 2005 Wien Wort für Wort: Conversations about books with authors and other readers, various locations, Wien
June 2005 BookExpo America
June 2005 Fly Sex - Putting Barry Dickson's analysis of a master switch on sexual orientation on the front page of the New York Times
Fall 2005 Kulturdialog Graz - a forum with cultural initiatives in Graz to discuss our evaluation of city subsidies

April 2006 Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis, Weiz, Österreich
May 2006 Svet Knihy bringing German and Austrian publishers to the Prague Book Fair
Summer 2006 Evaluating city sponsorships to cultural initiatives in Graz
Summer 2006 Starting analyzing international book bestseller lists which starts the network of international publishing trade magazines PubMagNet
July 2006 Wien Museum marketing workshop
July 2006 Market research for NYCommiccon
November 2006 Linz text: Proposal for Linz Kulturhauptstadt

January 2007 Marketing workshop Deutsches Postmuseum Frankfurt
All of 2007 Developing bestseller analysis and PubMagNet
May 2007 Consultancy to Reed exhibitions Wien on launching Buch Wien
June 2007 BookExpo America
June 2007 Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry for Livres Hebdo (First edition)
July 2007 Feasibility study for a book fair in Wien (> Buch Wien)
November 2007 China workshop for German publishers in Berlin

January 2008 Travel to Beijing domestic book fair for BookExpo America
Spring 2008 Researching the Diversity Report 2008 on translation in Europe
February 2008 Attending a workshop in Zagreb for Buch Wien
April 2008 London Book Fair
April 2008 Workshop for printers in Singapore on US publishing market
June 2008 Evaluating city sponsorships to cultural initiatives in Graz
December 2008 Concept on promoting Austria through its literature for Österreich Werbung

February 2009 Travel to Cairo with partner Nasser Jarrous in preparing GBookExpo America Global Market Forum "The Arab World" in New York
May 2009 Promoting Arab children's books in America
May 2009 Event "New Eyes on the Arab World” at the New York Public Library
June 2009 Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry for Livres Hebdo
June 2009 Accompanying US editors to German publishers
June 2009 Debating digital books at Ingeborg Bachmann Price for ZDF in Klagenfurt
Fall 2009 Starting consultancy for Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek for transitioning to the new building
November 2009 Debating ebook market evolution at Medientage München

Winter and Spring term 2010 University of Vienna: Exploring ebooks as a practice with students
Spring 2010 Feasibility study for the European Commission for an European Award for Literary Translation
Spring 2010 Diversity Report 2009 on literary translation in Europe
May 2010 Moderating, with Robin Meyer-Lucht, "The Future Face of Publishing" in Frankfurt, with Arthur Sulzberger, NYTimes, Katharina Borchert, Der Spiegel, Joffrin Laurent, Libération, Berthold Kohler, et al.
Fall 2010 Starting market research for Universal Pictures
November 2010 Diversity Report 2010 on literary translation in Europe for Ljubljana Book Fair / Cankarjev Dom

All of 2011 Grant from departure for Title Tracker (initial working title „Diversity Tools for Books“, DTB)
February 2011 Starting researching of global publishing markets for the International Publishers Association (IPA)
February 2001 Study „Österreichische Literatur in Übersetzungen“ (Austrian literature in translation) for Austrian Ministry of Culture (BMUKK)
July 2011 Touring publishing houses in Italy, Germany and Sweden with Perseus Books
October 2011 White Paper on Global Ebook Markets for O'Reilly Media (which later became the Global eBook report)
October 2011 Debating digital developments and literature at Europäische Literaturtage in Spitz, Wachau
November 2011 Study on reading habits in the United Arab Emirates, for Sharjah International Book Fair

February 2012 Study "Publishing in the United Arab Emirates", with partner Nasser Jarrous for the Emirati Publishers Association (EPA)
March 2012 Presentation on ebook market developments for European Institutions in Brussels
May 2012 Tools of Change conference in Buenos Aires
May 2012 Opening key note at the International Library Congress in Villach, Austria
Summer 2012 Consultancy services to NextPage Foundation on study of publishing markets in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine
Fall 2012 Market research for Barnes & Noble
Fall 2012 Study on Arab translation markets overview, with Nasser Jarrous, for Sharjah International Book Fair

June 2013 BookExpo America Global market Forum Russia
Fall 2013 Consultancy for Mladinska Kniga, Ljubljana
Fall 2013 Global eBook report now published by RWCC
October 2013 Consultancy for the Russian Book Union
October 2013 European Literature Days Spitz Wachau workshop
December 2013 Consultancy for Lukeman Agency

March 2014 Lecture at Letterenfonds, Amsterdam
May 2014 BookExpo America Global Market Forum "Books in Translation. Wanderlust for the Written Word", New York
October 2014 Global Publishing Monitor, study for IPA, presented at Frankfurt Book Fair
Fall 2014 Start as Director of Publishers Forum Berlin

February 2015 Fact finding travel on China book market, to Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing for BookExpo America
April 2015 Re-launch Global eBook report ( )
April 2015 Publishers Forum Berlin
May 2015 BookExpo America Global Market Forum China, New York
June 2015 Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry, now published by Livres Hebdo (France), together with Publishers Weekly (US), PublishNews (Brazil), The Bookseller (UK), buchreport (Germany) and BookDao (China)

Presentations, lectures, debates at
Oslo University, Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Moscow Book Fair, Moscow University of Applied Arts, Moscow Beijing International Book Fair, BookExpo America, Book World Prague, Leipziger Buchmesse, Literaturhaus Mattersburg, Literaturhaus Freiburg, Torino Book Fair, Tools of Change conferences in Frankfurt and in Buenos Aires, Ljubljana Book Fair, 3rd International Conference on the Book (Oxford), Sharp conference, Traduttore Traditore (Salzburg College), Salzburg Digital Cultural Heritage,

Member of the jury for Stadtschreiber in Graz (since 2005)
Member of the jury for the Translation award of Austrian Cultural Forum in New York (since 2014)
Member of the editorial board of Logos (since 2012)