How big is book publishing worldwide? Which book markets grow? Which are flat? How about emerging economies, like Brazil, Russia or China? How does Asia compare to Latin America? What makes the digital transformation so different in Germany, Great Britain or China?

BookMap's first and brand new report, "How Big Is Global Publishing" provides answers, and can be downloaded for free from the post right below.

BookMap collects relevant market information, and turns it into "smart numbers", like trending charts and insightful reports. We provide a framework of insights for anyone who needs to know about books, publishing, and the forces that drive the current transformation processes.

BookMap is

  • A relevant source and partner for publishers, policy makers and professional educators who need to know what shapes the market.

  • An independent non-profit initiative, and encourages financial contributions. Let us know if you are interested to become a member.

  • Launches at the London Book Fair 2017, and partners with leading universities specializing in the book profession.

Details and updates will be posted at continuously.
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BookMap Report 01 is out!
2017-09-28 15:51:40 by rw

How big is book publishing worldwide? And why would we care to find out?

Download the BookMap Report 01 here. It comes free of charge.

  • An overview of the 20 biggest book publishing markets worldwide

  • Spotlight on key market parameters and contexts

  • How the size - and the wealth - of a country‘s population define its book market.

  • Analyzing cultural and historical contexts

  • Country case studies 2007 to 2016: Market trends and developments

  • The widening gap between shrinking markets and increasing title output.

  • How does digital re-shape book markets?

  • Conclusions and outlook.

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BookMap launch at the London Book Fair
2017-03-02 12:45:02 by rw

The new non-profit initiative BookMap for smart publishing data has been launched officially at the London Book Fair 2017.

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With BookMap, you will learn about a collaborative effort to get a better understanding of crucial developments in international publishing markets and their current transformation.

Speakers for the launch included

  • Angus Philips, Director, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

  • Jens Klingelhöfer, founder and CEO, Bookwire

  • Rüdiger Wischenbart, Content and Consulting, and co-initiator of BookMap.

Find a brochure with basic information about BookMap here below for download. And check out a preview on the Global eBook report 2017 with charts and data on ebook sales at