Diversity Report: Literary translations in Europe

The Diversity Report 2020 documents and analyzes the book markets for fiction in translation in Europe, with a special focus on developments in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. It builds on methodology and findings from previous editions of the Diversity Report since 2008, and in particular the 2018 study.

The current edition

  • Collects and examines market data and trends, particularly with a detailed new examination of book market data from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland;
  • Profiles authors and works for which targeted cross-media uses have been developed, such as Christine Leunen’s “Caging Skies” and its film adaptation “Jojo Rabbit“, Andrzej Sapkovski‘s “The Witcher” epic, and self-published bestselling authors from Slovenia;
  • Presents a detailed study on the “European Union Prize for Literature“.

The editions  2020 and 2018 are available in our “Shop“.  

The Diversity Report series is produced by the “Verein für kulturelle Transfers / CulturalTransfers.org” together with Content and Consulting and supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and Media Control.

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