The Digital Consumer Book barometer

The Digital Consumer Book Barometer maps and analyzes current sales trends of eBooks and digital audiobooks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  Italy, (French speaking) Canada, Spain, Brazil and Mexico

The newest edition of the Digital Consumer Barometer was released in June 2022, with the key finding: “The recent digital growth is here to stay.”

The Digital Consumer Book Barometer is using aggregated real sales data provided by digital distributors and aggregators for mapping and analyzing digital trends in book consumption.

The Digital Barometer was started in 2018 and developed a genuine and granular methodology for monitoring dynamically evolving sales and consumption patterns. It looks at parameters such as price and genre category as well as seasonal peaks in sales, and notably compares download sales and subscription plus digital lending.

Especially under the specific contexts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Digital Barometer allowed to track the significant acceleration of digital developments based on reliable data, issuing recently several close-up editions per year.

The Digital Barometer reports are directly available for download at

The Digital Barometer is supported by our sponsors  BookwireDe MarqueLibranda and International Publishing Distributors Association. The Reports are presented at the Digital Publishing Summit & Readmagine festival in Madrid.

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