Global eBook & Digital Consumer Book Barometer

We are mapping and analysing the international consumption of digital books since 2011. 

With the “Global eBook” report (2011 to 2017), we tracked how ebooks were produced, marketed and consumed around the world in highly different patterns. 

As ebooks matured and – more importantly – together with audiobooks increasingly formed a more complex digital market segment, we changed our approach.

In partnership with leading digital distributors and aggregators, the new Digital Consumer Book Barometer is using actual aggregated sales data for different formats (ebooks, audiobooks), channels and business models (download, subscription, streaming) for deep dives into the rapidly transforming digital ecosystems. Key finding of the new (June 2022) edition of the Digital Barometer is: “The recent digital growth is here to stay.”

Since 2020, the “Digital Barometer” provided a unique set of tools to track and understand accelerated shifts under the Covid19 pandemic in digital consumption and digital growth in markets as different as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, French speaking Canada, Brazil and Mexico

The Barometer comes as an annual panorama edition on the big trends, plus additional thematic specials

Data are provided by our sponsors Bookwire, De Marque and Libranda, as well as by edigita, and presented with at the annual Readmagine conference organized by IPDA in Madrid.

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