Announcing the first Global Top 50 Publishing Summit 2016 Beijing

Discussing the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry with Chinese and international leaders of the book business.

The 2016 edition of the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry will be at the center of a half day conference in Beijing, organized by Bookdao (China), Livres Hebdo (France), and Ruediger Wischenbart Content and Consulting (Austria).

Date:              Wednesday, August 24, from 14.00 to 17.00.
Location:       Grand Metro Park Hotel Beijing, Chaoyang, East Rd. 2

The aim of the conference is to open a dialogue with senior leaders of both Chinese and international top executives in publishing.

Speakers of the 2016 Summit will include international and Chinese publishing leaders, Markus Dohle, CEO, Penguin Random House, Alexander Broich, International President, Cengage Learning, and David Hetherington, Executive Vice-President & COO, Klopotek North America, as well as Wu Shuling, Vice Chairman, China Publishers‘ Association, Zhang Jiankang, Chairman, Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, Gong Shuguang, Chairman, China South Publishing & Media Group, and Tong Jian, Chairman, Zhejiang Publishing United Group.

Speakers will discuss

  • Global key trends in the publishing industry in its current transformation;
  • China’s international strategy as the world’s second largest publishing market;
  • Developments of long standing and successful working relationships between Chinese and international publishers in consumer as well as educational publishing, and
  • The impact of digital technology in making the exchange between China and international more effective.

The Global Top 50 Publishing Summit 2016 Beijing will explore how to strategically broaden and and practically improve these assets in the years ahead.

The event is sponsored by Klopotek and Partners, China South  Publishing & Media Group, Phoenix  Publishing & Media Group, and Zhejiang Pubishing United Group.

Contact & registration China: Cheng Sanguo,

Contact & registration international: Ruediger Wischenbart,

More information at 


About the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry

The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry, which has been updated every year since 2007, currently represents 56 companies that each report revenues from publishing of over 150 m€ (or 200 m US$).

The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry is an initiative of Livres Hebdo, France, co-published by Bookdao (China), The Bookseller (UK), buchreport (Germany), Publishers Weekly (USA) and PublishNews Brazil. It has been researched by Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting. © by Livres Hebdo 2016

About Bookdao:

Bookdao is the premier independent professional online media for the publishing and bookselling industry in China, and a service provider for professional marketing, using cutting edge mobile technology and advanced publishing research.

About Livres Hebdo

Livres Hebdo is the French Book Trade weekly magazine and website (, providing news and a large range of services to publishers, booksellers and librarians, and the initiator of the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry.

About Ruediger Wischenbart Content and Consulting:

Content and Consulting is a leading organizer of market insights, and professional debate, in international publishing. Reports include the Global eBook report ( ), the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry.


Beijing, Paris and Vienna, 20 July 2016

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