Preview of Global eBook report 2017 & launch of new project BookMap at London Book Fair

The entirely re-written 2017 edition of the Global eBook report will present new data approaches for a realistic reading of how ebook markets perform, especially in non-English language markets. What we find in the markets is not at all the same „plateauing“ or „flattening“ of digital sales in consumer publishing.

Instead, digital reading has become a truly challenging and complex market environment where publishers compete with (self-published, or independent) authors, various genres and sub-genres in fiction notably struggle to gain the consumers‘ attention against other content formats and channels, and where totally opposite strategies on pricing co-exist.

So far, it was next to impossible to gain a solid overview on trends and developments across different markets. The freshly re-structured and more compact Global eBook report 2017 however will be able to dwell on in depth information for an in depth reading of markets as different as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands.

Furthermore, just as with previews editions, the ebook markets of North America and Great Britain will be analyzed, as well as those of Brazil, China, Russia or India.

The full report is due for release in late April. A preview with selected findings will be introduced at the London Book Fair, on Tuesday, March 14, from 4 to 5 pm, at Olympia, Gallery (upstairs), in Suite 2.

At this same session, also a new initiative on international publishing statistics will be launched: A global BookMap in smart numbers.

BookMap is a non-profit initiative for publishers, policy makers and professional educators who need to know what shapes the market. To find out more, go to , where a brochure can be downloaded with all basic information.

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