What are book statistics good for: Why in times of change, having a road map is critical.

Publishers are challenged by declining book markets, a changing readership drifting away from books, as much as new competition from other content and formats – AND by the messy data that are available to build a realistic assessment of what is going on in the first place. And yet, book statistics are seen as a fairly exotic topic.

In a brand new article in the journal Logos , together with three dear colleagues, Angus Philips of Oxford Brooks, Adriaan van der Weel of Leiden and Miha Kovac of Ljubljana University, we argue why those numbers on books are key to developing a road map for navigating the current transformation, and how better statistics for a broad set of stakeholders – including publishers, booksellers, librarians, policy makers, media and educators – can be generated.

Brill > Logos, vol. 28/4 – https://brill.com/logos 

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