New entrants to e-Book perspectives: iPhone more popular e-Book reader than Amazon’s Kindle

I was always surprised about ow much attention is focused on reading devices for e-Books instead on new user habits, new channels or new business models that emerge from or drive the new digital reading environment. It just seems unlikely, in my view, that books will stay the same once we start to consume them online.

It makes no sense to expect that we continue to see the book as an isolated item, pay for it per item, or exchange it with friends and peers only when allowed to do so by some complicated DRM scheme. It also is pretty unlikely that it will be the big old book companies, from major publishing behemoths to major online sellers like Amazon who have the strongest ideas when it comes to energetically explore the new possibilities and new usages. I would rather expect both a bunch of new consumer habits and a few new entrants on the technology and on the distribution side to come in.

Now I read in the Bookseller and then in Forbes that Apple’s iPhone has become more popular as an e-Book reader than Amazone’s Kindle. So perhaps my scepticism about „e-Books will be just more of the same“ was just a correct guess.

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