Publishing in the Arab world – a detailed report on the example of the Emirates (UAE)

Books and publishing are a key to be a part of the globalizing knowledge society. What does this mean for the Arab world? We could research a detailed report, together with Nasser Jarreous, commissioned by the Emirates Publishers Association.

Publishing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a young industry, but with a significant potential to develop into a sector of strategic relevance domestically and a hub in the Gulf region’s development into a knowledge-driven society and economy in accordance with the standard practices and ambitions of the twenty-first century.

Imports of reading materials in the English language predominate those in Arabic at an estimated ratio of 65 to 35 per cent, and the overall market is worth an estimated 260 million USD, reflecting the reading practices of an audience that generally lives in a multilingual and multifaceted cultural environment. Furthermore, various indicators point to growth in the importance of Arabic publications.

Download the full report here, or meet us for its presentation in Paris or at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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