ReBoot: Books, Business and Reading: A Research effort & virtual conference on post-pandemic publishing.

Virtual Conference on 13 October 2020
Preparations Tracks in September
The key market lessons we learn for 2021

A fact-finding process virtual conference on rebooting writing, reading and publishing in the post-pandemic world, proposed by Carlo Carrenho, Klaus-Peter Stegen and Rüdiger Wischenbart together with Premium Partner Publishers Weekly.

The virtual conference ReBoot Books, Business and Reading 2020, scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, 2020, will bring together key actors and thought leaders from both large as well as small independent publishing and bookselling organizations, infrastructure providers and innovators to assess the status of the international industry, and share perspectives & strategies for a ‘re-boot’.

The debates will build on a thorough fact-finding process in the Preparations Tracks (mid-August to mid-October 2020), with a rich body of data and case studies on recent market developments and strategic lessons as input for 4 thematic workshops.

Start your participation in the ReBoot process by downloading the detailed brochure below this article and filling out our online research questionnaire

ReBoot singles out 4 thematic pillars where the publishing world will be largely transformed from the immediate impact and subsequent fallout of the Covid-19 crisis.
• Consumers: Keeping eyes and ears on books.
• Publishers: Running virtual operations;
• Suppliers: Building hybrid & cross-media fulfillment process;
• Bookselling: Bringing books to consumers;

Each pillar will be explored in the Preparations Tracks in a ca. 2-hour online workshop, on Sept. 17, 18, 24 & 25.

Registration to ReBoot will allow participation in the Preparations Tracks, the workshops and the online ReBoot conference pus access to the documentation for a flat fee of 149 euros.

Sharing your insights through the online questionnaire is open to all interested book professionals.

Sponsors are invited to actively participate with a contribution of 5,000 euros from the beginning of the ReBoot process with the Preparations Tracks all the way to the conference proper, bringing their respective value propositions directly to the attention of participants.

For all details about the ReBoot agenda / registration / the research questionnaire / sponsorship opportunities, go to – updates at @rebootbooks

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