Translation – feedback

The initial essay of this blog on Translation (and the decrease in translations globally) found a nice and critical echo from imomus who – from his perspective: correctly – pointed to the fact that those statistics that illustrate the paramount predominance of English just mirror a classical network and hypernode scheme (one hub – English – and a lot of secondary spikes).

To some extend I agree, as the pattern is obvious, and I pointed to that earlier myself and was approvingly discussed in this respect.

But I guess that this does not explain it all.

What we see is a double (or even multi) layered structure: The simple fact is that people don’t only communicate across books, but on many media levels and channels. The interesting point is to ask what that means for books. My take is that the role of books is changing, and we don’t know yet how, and even why exactly.

That will need some more blogging in those pages, and additional exploration and facts – which will happen on these pages over time. That’s a promise.

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