Global Ebook report 2016 is out! Over 50 charts and tables & analysis to understand global transformation of publishing

The Global eBook report 2016, the reference and resource on the development of key book publishing markets and drivers for the current transformation is now available at for an introductory price of € 15 (instead of € 20).



Highlights include

  • Freshly updated market close ups for US, UK, continental Europe (Western as well as Central and Southeastern), and emerging markets (Brazil, China, India, Russia);
  • Book publishing versus other content media (including mobile),
  • Comparisons of key drivers for biggest publishing corporations worldwide, and US, UK and EU markets;
  • Exclusive sales analysis by genre, price points and user habits (as seen through piracy usage) for selected European markets;
  • Summaries of international key debates (global actors, pricing, piracy, DRM, industry consolidation, et al.)

Find the executive summary, and direct options to purchase the report at



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