Publishing Beyond Publishers

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Publishing Beyond Publishers“, written by Ruediger Wischenbart and Thad McIlroy, explores the rapidly expanding universe of non-traditional publishing models and estimates their growing share of today’s global book business.

Publishing Beyond Publishers” provides a global overview of the rapidly expanding universe of publishing models. Most of these go well beyond the traditional value chain of authors working through traditional publishers (as gatekeepers and producers of their work).

Instead, content can be created and disseminated in a variety of formats (print, digital), media (books, audio, films, games), distribution channels (communities, platforms, streams) and business models (unit sales of products, subscriptions, streaming, freemium, paid models) in mostly digitally defined supply and marketing chains.

This study maps several representative cases of these new models and adds evidence-based indicators to assess the scale of these sectors and sub-sectors.

This report has been written by Ruediger Wischenbart and Thad McIlroy.


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