„Global Ebook“ report asks for your insights with online questionnaire. Special attention to small and emerging markets!

The „Global Ebook“ report, which had been launched in fall 2011, had been updated since then twice a year, and was downloaded a stunning 5,000 times! (see http://www.wischenbart.com/page-4 )

For the next update, due to be out by September 30, 2013, I ask (again) for the help of stakeholders in te field!

As real statistics on ebooks are a rare species, I very much rely on direct input from book professionals like you – publishers, retailers, distributors, experts -, sharing their insights and observations.

For the fall 2013 update, I notably want to better understand

a)The current dynamics in emerging markets. (We will update our chapters on Brazil, China, India and Russia); and

b) The role and impact – between opportunities and challenges – that ebooks & the expansion of global platforms have on smaller and medium sized markets, notably in Central and Eastern Europe.

For this, we prepared a detailed questionnaire, which in its first part, asks about general developments with regard to ebooks, and then in a second version, adds questions on the specifics of Central and Eastern Europe.

You can find both these these questionnaire online at


and the more specific questionnaire for Eastern Europe at


Please allow yourself 20 minutes of your precious time, and complete those questions that you feel comfortable with (and skip those questions, which you consider to be irrelevant or not applicable to your view and insights).

I also must urge you really hard to do this as soon as you can, allowing me the required time to get your valuable insights into our report – which is due for release by September 30, 2013.

Please feel strongly encouraged to forward this email and link to colleagues who you consider as insightful in our context!

We will alert you when the report is out. And you can always find updates at www.wischenbart.com

Many thanks for your great help!

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